GW Increases Capacity

The past year has seen an unprecedented demand around the globe for bicycles and the supply chain is struggling supply products to meet the need. This has resulted in long lead times from many suppliers who are unable to meet the demand, but GW has taken steps to keep lead times short.

Since the pandemic began, GW has made investments in increasing our capacity so we can continue to supply our products with standard lead times. With the increased machining capacity, we’ve added UDH and seat clamps to our product line. Like all our products, they have short lead times and competitive pricing.

If you’d like to learn more about our products, lead times or pricing, please email us at info@gw-mfg.com or contact us through the website.


Our e-MTB hubs have undergone significant revisions in the past year, and they are stronger and higher performing than ever. We took our proven design and subjected it to extensive testing, both on our test machines and in the field. We then took our competitors’ hubs and subjected them to the same testing. We analyzed the results and made some changes that have resulted in our best hub yet.

We applied these changes to all our e-mtb hubs so regardless of which hub you choose, you’ll get the same high performance.

To receive more information or samples of these hubs, please contact us through the website or email us at info@gw-mfg.com

GW offers UDH!

GW is excited to announce we are an authorized manufacturer of the UDH. We have worked extremely hard to ensure the design of our hanger has the same dimensions and performance as the original.

To ensure the hanger is of the highest quality, we have done extensive lab testing to prove that it performs well. We’ve also given it to riders to ensure it functions flawlessly in real world conditions.

If you'd like to receive samples and pricing or more information, please click on this product page, or contact us through the website or email us at info@gw-mfg.com.