GW and Employees Join Hands to Combat Covid-19 Pandemic

Two months have passed since the CECC raised epidemic warning to Level 3. Due to the trend of low case numbers appeared stable, although level 3 alert has been extended to July 26, restrictions and measures have been partially lifted.

For the last two months GW has implemented work from home protocols as preventive measures, but as pandemic situation appeared to be stable, we have decided to let GW staff return to workplace.

To return our staff to the workplace, we carefully followed the CECC’s safety guidelines to prevent and reduce transmission at work. On July 14, 2021, we have each of our employees performed rapid antigen tests for COVID-19 in separate groups to confirm all results were negative. On the same day, we announced all staff members to return to workplace starting the next day with safety procedures to follow, such as wearing face masks at all time, body temperature to be measured three times a day, and to rearrange seating plan so that social distancing is maintained.

We are pleased to announce GW Manufacturing have resumed normal operations. We appreciate your understanding and continued support during these difficult and challenging times.