GW EU Opening Soon!

Seeing the need to service our products and quickly deliver products to factories and offices in Europe convinced GW to open a facility in Barcelona. We are in the final stages of getting the operation up and running and plan to be fully running by the end of 2020.

At GW Europe (GW EU), we have stock of our most popular products which can be used to facilitate small production runs or as warranty replacements. Thanks to being centrally located, GW EU will be able to quickly ship products throughout the European Union.

In order to improve after-sales service, the facility will function as a service center staffed with GW trained technicians who can quickly diagnose and service hubs to ensure a rider faces minimal downtime.

Another advantage of being located in Barcelona is that it’s in close proximity to excellent riding and great dining. This will allow us to host events where we introduce new products which can be test ridden on the local roads and trails.