New, multi-function Switch Lever

GW’s latest Switch lever, the SL-X is different than our other Switch levers thanks to a new design. Like all our current Switch compatible levers, this lever can be held by the thru axle while riding where it stays firmly and silently in place. It can be quickly removed when desired.

We see the requirement of having tools stored on the bike which makes road- or trail-side adjustment more convenient. The SL-X is an easy way to add a couple of tools for a very low price. The SL-X is a composite lever that features an L-shaped tool that can loosen a thru axle and has two smaller tool bits that allow a rider to adjust a wide range of bolts on the bike.

For more information, please click on this product page, or contact us through this website or email us at

New Switch lever!

We are releasing a new Switch lever! The SL-B is a forged alloy lever with a tall shape that allows it to rotate 360 degrees without needing to be removed, without concern for pivots, frame parts, or mounts. It even has enough clearance for fork legs.

Like all our levers, the SL-B has two functions. It can be used to loosen or tighten a thru axle and its tip is available with optional tool bits that allow a rider to make adjustments to stems, bars, brakes or other parts.

Like all our Switch levers, it can be left in a frame while riding and it won’t fall out or make noise. And it can easily be removed if you prefer a clean look. To learn more click on this product page, or contact us through this page or email us at

GW EU Opening Soon!

Seeing the need to service our products and quickly deliver products to factories and offices in Europe convinced GW to open a facility in Barcelona. We are in the final stages of getting the operation up and running and plan to be fully running by the end of 2020.

At GW Europe (GW EU), we have stock of our most popular products which can be used to facilitate small production runs or as warranty replacements. Thanks to being centrally located, GW EU will be able to quickly ship products throughout the European Union.

In order to improve after-sales service, the facility will function as a service center staffed with GW trained technicians who can quickly diagnose and service hubs to ensure a rider faces minimal downtime.

Another advantage of being located in Barcelona is that it’s in close proximity to excellent riding and great dining. This will allow us to host events where we introduce new products which can be test ridden on the local roads and trails.

Check out GW’s FIT headset

If you’re looking for a headset that offers increased protection against water entry, check out our FIT series of headsets. We use a unique seal system that offers solid layer of protection but still allows the headset to rotate smoothly. In addition, the FIT headset top covers can easily be customized at a lower cost than traditional designs. We have a wide range of standard sizes to fit most bikes on the market.

To learn more about the technical specifications, please email technical assistance at To get samples and pricing, please contact us through the contact page on the website or email us at

GW to produce N3W cassette body

GW has been working with Campagnolo and we are excited to announce that we will be producing the N3W cassette body under license. The cassette bodies work with all our road hubs and we have a small quantity of samples available now. Please contact your sales window for pricing and sample requests or for technical information. To learn more about how N3W introduction, check this link

GW Reducing Pollution

Bicycles are an environmentally friendly form of transportation but manufacturing them isn’t always a clean process. GW is working hard reduce the environmental impact of making bike parts.

When machining alloy parts, we need to use cutting fluid. During machining, cutting fluid is mixed with alloy shavings which are removed from the machine. We collect this mix and use a compressor that forces out the cutting fluid. The cutting fluid is collected, filtered then reused.

By using this process, we’re able to effectively reduce the amount of chemicals that can leak into groundwater and reduce the amount of cutting fluid we use. We’re always looking for new ways to make bikes a greener choice.


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