GW Invests in Capacity Growth

Over the past several years, GW Manufacturing saw strong demand for its products, and this has significantly increased during the past year. GW expects to see strong growth in its core products, even if current market demand is not sustained.

Despite a widespread shortages of bicycle components, GW has continued to offer short lead times thanks to careful planning and innovative solutions. It became clear that the action was not enough to meet future demand, so the decision was made to invest in increasing capacity.

The capacity increase was made possible by opening a third factory in Taichung, Taiwan, near its head office. The factory houses several new CNC machines that are used to produce most of GW’s products. The greater machine capacity will allow GW to maintain its short lead times on current products and expand the range of products offered.

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Covid-19 Outbreak Response

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Taiwan has been able to effectively control the spread of Covid-19 and this has allowed for business to operate without interruption. Over the past week, the virus has begun to spread uncontrolled with the north of the country being most hard hit. Although the case numbers are small, they are growing quickly.

Currently, there is no formal shutdown of offices or factories in Taichung where GW Manufacturing is based. However, GW is acting as a responsible corporate citizen and trying to prevent the spread of the disease so Taiwan can avoid a large-scale shutdown.

Beginning on May 17, 2021, some GW staff will be working from home for at least two weeks. Staff who do come to the office will have their temperatures taken, wear masks at all times, use the contact tracing apps and observe social distancing measures.

Due to these social distancing measures, there could be some impact on research and development projects, manufacturing capacity and delivery schedules. Currently, there are no delays and we will be monitoring this situation closely. As soon as we become aware of any delay, we will notify you immediately and provide an updated timeline.

We appreciate your continued support during these difficult and uncertain times but together, we will overcome this situation and emerge stronger.

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自新冠肺炎 COVID-19 疫情開始擴散以來,台灣一直能夠有效地控制疫情的擴散,這使得國內企業可以持續業務執行。 在過去的一周中,疫情傳播已開始超乎控制,國內以北部地區受到的影響尤為嚴峻。 案件數量並不多,但擴散的速度超乎預期。

目前,GW Manufacturing 所在的台中市並沒有正式關閉辦公室或工廠。但是身為負責任的企業公民,GW 積極主動配合政府政策努力防止疫情傳播,以期避免發生全國性的大規模停工狀態。

從2021年5月17日開始,為期至少兩周,  GW將安排部分員工在家工作。 來到辦公室的員工將記錄體溫,全時配戴口罩,連線疾管署發布的台灣社交距離APP並遵守社交距離等措施。

由於這些社交距離措施,可能會對部分研發專案,製造產能或交貨時間等造成一定的影響。  目前是沒有任何延遲的,而我們會密切監視這些狀況一旦我們預期有任何的延遲我們將立即通知您並提供更新的時間表。


如果您有任何疑問,意見或疑慮,請聯繫您的銷售窗口,或通過 客服郵箱 直接與我們聯繫,我們一定會儘快答覆您。

GW Increases Capacity

The past year has seen an unprecedented demand around the globe for bicycles and the supply chain is struggling supply products to meet the need. This has resulted in long lead times from many suppliers who are unable to meet the demand, but GW has taken steps to keep lead times short.

Since the pandemic began, GW has made investments in increasing our capacity so we can continue to supply our products with standard lead times. With the increased machining capacity, we’ve added UDH and seat clamps to our product line. Like all our products, they have short lead times and competitive pricing.

If you’d like to learn more about our products, lead times or pricing, please email us at or contact us through the website.


Our e-MTB hubs have undergone significant revisions in the past year, and they are stronger and higher performing than ever. We took our proven design and subjected it to extensive testing, both on our test machines and in the field. We then took our competitors’ hubs and subjected them to the same testing. We analyzed the results and made some changes that have resulted in our best hub yet.

We applied these changes to all our e-mtb hubs so regardless of which hub you choose, you’ll get the same high performance.

To receive more information or samples of these hubs, please contact us through the website or email us at

GW offers UDH!

GW is excited to announce we are an authorized manufacturer of the UDH. We have worked extremely hard to ensure the design of our hanger has the same dimensions and performance as the original.

To ensure the hanger is of the highest quality, we have done extensive lab testing to prove that it performs well. We’ve also given it to riders to ensure it functions flawlessly in real world conditions.

If you'd like to receive samples and pricing or more information, please click on this product page, or contact us through the website or email us at

GW releases new chain guide

We are excited to announce that we have released a new chain guide called the FG-02. We released this model in response to EN regulations requiring e-bikes to be equipped with chain guides. The FG-02 chain guide has all the same features as the original FG-01 but it is larger and offers more coverage.

Both the FG-01 and FG-02 flip up and out of the way to make chain and chainring installation easy. There is a wide range of back plates, so it fits bike with common standards. We have extensive experience making custom mounts, so we are happy to work with you if you have a special requirement. The guide can also be adjusted to fit various chainlines, chainring sizes and motor angles.

The FG-02 has very attractive pricing and it's available now. To request a sample, pricing or more information, please click on this product page, or contact us through the contact page or email us at for more information.

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