GW to produce N3W cassette body

GW has been working with Campagnolo and we are excited to announce that we will be producing the N3W cassette body under license. The cassette bodies work with all our road hubs and we have a small quantity of samples available now. Please contact your sales window for pricing and sample requests or for technical information. To learn more about how N3W introduction, check this link

GW Reducing Pollution

Bicycles are an environmentally friendly form of transportation but manufacturing them isn’t always a clean process. GW is working hard reduce the environmental impact of making bike parts.

When machining alloy parts, we need to use cutting fluid. During machining, cutting fluid is mixed with alloy shavings which are removed from the machine. We collect this mix and use a compressor that forces out the cutting fluid. The cutting fluid is collected, filtered then reused.

By using this process, we’re able to effectively reduce the amount of chemicals that can leak into groundwater and reduce the amount of cutting fluid we use. We’re always looking for new ways to make bikes a greener choice.


GW Manufacturing Supports MACC Fund

Every year at this time, GW Manufacturing proudly contributes to the MACC Fund and their fight against childhood cancers. For more than forty years, MACC has provided more than $65 million in funding to research and cures. 

In August, Trek will be holding the Trek 100 cycling event in Waterloo, Wisconsin which will help to raise more funds for the MACC fund. We encourage everyone who is able to make a contribution to this worthwhile cause or to join this incredible event.

For more information about the MACC fund, you can check out their website: and to learn more about the Trek 100, click on this link:

Designed for high performance e-mountain bikes

GW’s e-mountain bike hub line has been extensively tested to ensure it will stand up to the stresses from powerful motors and heavy bikes. These hubs are equipped with steel cassette bodies, extra bearings, oversized axles and brake cooling fins.

To find out more, contact us through this page or at

GW Coronavirus Precautions

There is significant uncertainly in the world due to the coronavirus and this is affecting how people interact and businesses operate. We would like to operate as usual, but to stop the spread of the virus, we have to make adjustment to our ways of doing business. By doing our part to reduce the chance of spreading the virus, we hope our lives and business will return to normal as quickly as possible.

In order to identify who could have the virus and prevent possible spread, GW has been taking the temperature as everyone enters the office and factory floor for the past month. All staff and visitors are required to use an alcohol spray to disinfect their hands and wear a mask at all times. All unnecessary visits to GW have been cancelled and we have cancelled all unnecessary travel. 

For three weeks in April, GW will enforce stricter social distancing measures, in line with government recommendations. In addition to the above measures, GW staff are now required to wear gloves at all times, lunches must be eaten separately, staff must report their whereabouts outside of work, and staff have been given the option of working from home. To encourage staff to self-quarantine if they are feeling unwell or have been to places with many people, GW will continue to pay staff full salary which is not required by the government.


Despite all these changes, we will ensure that all product development and deliveries will remain on schedule. If you have concerns about your product development or deliveries, please contact your sales window. For all other questions or concerns, please contact GW at

GW to make major investment

In order to take advantage of the growing e-bike market, GW Manufacturing will be making a major investment in its Taiwan factory.
The investment of NTD 90 million (USD 2.95 million) will allow GW to increase its manufacturing capacity with the majority of this being for e-bike specific products.
The company forecasts an increasing market for e-bikes and the additional capacity will allow GW to meet this demand.  

To learn more about GW Manufacturing's products, please contact us through the website or at

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