GW Manufacturing, based in Taichung, Taiwan, is a leading supplier to the bicycle industry with clients that range in size from boutique brands to internationally-known companies. Sales, service, warranty and warehouse capabilities extend throughout Europe thanks to our facilities in Barcelona and Bosco. Years of expertise designing and high-quality manufacturing allow us to offer a comprehensive line of modern products including hubs, thru axles, headsets, and chain guides. Thanks to the flexibility of our Japanese CNC machines, we are able to customize and produce products to suit most needs. In addition to our multi-axis CNC machines, we have equipment for development, testing, quality control, finishing, assembly and packaging.
-GW main office is a 4,125 sq.m. (44,400 sq.ft.) facility that houses production and main offices as well as a producting testing lab, assembly lines, laser etching and some of our warehousing, packaging, and shipping.
-Second facility is a 2,739 sq.m. (29,480 sq.ft.) building with assembly lines, warehousing and packaging areas.
-Third manufacturing facility completed and started operating during early Spring 2021. It has an area of 1,653sqm used mainly for thru-axle production. 

-GW EU's offices are located in Barcelona, Spain and Bosco, Italy. The office in Barcelona offers sales, service, warranty and warehousing, and the office in Italy is a sales center.

Our facilities have a modern, open architecture with an organized floor plan. Working areas are clean, well lit, and designed for maximum efficiency, productivity and collaboration. The entire operation is supported by a well-maintained IT infrastructure.


General Manager
General Manager
Armed with a design background and a passion for riding bikes, Aki Li entered the bicycle industry 10 years ago where he has been employed at several companies that make a variety of products. His technical skill, good nature and interest in bike parts combine to make him an excellent sales manger.